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I am writing to the entire staff who took care of my mother these past two weeks to thank you for your conscientious hard work. So often, those in service jobs, do not get the recognition and appreciation for the kindness and dedication they put forth on a daily basis. Through your excellent care, she got the proper medication, ongoing monitoring of her diabetes, a healthy diet and physical therapy daily. Every member of your team was patient, helpful, and professional while providing the care she needed to recover from her illness. Since a member of our family visited daily, we observed the kind care you provided first-hand. My family is so thankful for the care you provided.



Thanks to all of you for the dedication, professional proficiency, compassion, positive, and helpful attitude and encouragement that you displayed while treating me. It enabled me to get well so soon and have a wonderful recovery.

Kewal K.


My husband Edmond was in this facility for over ten days and loved it. Thank you very much for all your help and good care. I should also mention about the food, it is well-prepared and delicious. Thanks a million.

Dianna S.


Your staff were always friendly and welcoming. I never asked for anything that wasn’t immediately taken care of with a smile or a bit of assistance. Their generosity of spirit and caring is, as you well may imagine, not necessarily the norm in every nursing home I have visited. Your staff is terrific and I must tell you I also was very impressed with Teresa, the very kind person who is in charge of the games and of course Jim’s cigarette smoking. She so often stopped by to talk with him. My sincere thanks for all that was done for him. Please share my gratitude for his great care with your staff.

Claire M.


Five-star rated by Best rooms in the Valley by far!!!

Greg E.


I love their food, I taste my dad’s food every time, it is very tasty and presented very well, always garnished. Everyone is helpful and has an answer for every question I have.

Au G.


Chatsworth Park Health Care Center is a quality facility that addresses the needs of disabled people. The facilities are much more than adequate. Some of them are almost luxurious. The Physical Therapy unit has just expanded and is getting better all the time. The staff in large part is very helpful and very supportive of the residents’ needs.
If you or a loved one are in need of daily needs or restorative care, Chatsworth Park Health Care Center is a good place to be.

Burt K.


The nurses are friendly. Sonya helps me shower and get ready. Rehab is helpful with my exercises like walking, stairs, and weights. I like playing the Nintendo Wii for rehab. It’s a lot of fun. The food is 50/50. The tuna and meatloaf are not so good. I love the clam chowder, the meatballs, enchiladas, and chicken salad are good.

Cilo H.


Wow. I was truly shocked to read negative reviews about this facility. This is currently rated by Medicare as a four (out of five) star facility overall. Last year they did achieve a five-star rating. Possibly previous reviewers have not had experiences at other nursing care facilities. Long-term care facilities will never have the patient/caretaker ratios of inpatient critical care hospitals because that is not what they are designed for. To have that expectation does a disservice to what this facility DOES provide. In my opinion this facility represents the best of long term care. I have had experiences with numerous other health care facilities both for my mother’s care and the care of the loved ones of other friends and family. Horror stories abound in many of these facilities, and yes there is a systemic problem in elder care facilities in general that goes beyond the scope of a simple review. But I can say that after placing my mother at this facility two years ago, I believe this facility should be the model all other long-term health care facilities follow.
My mother was admitted under hospice care in 2011 after a serious lapse of care in another facility which resulted in her near death, and a six week hospitalization. She was not expected to recover. Yet after two years at Chatsworth Park my mother is alert, active and most importantly happy. Her diabetic condition is stable and well managed, nurses communicate with me regularly about her condition and doctor ordered tests and medications. Staff have regular meetings to coordinate health services, staff policies and expectations are well established and enforced. Social services has always had an open door policy for me and addressed any issues or concerns I’ve had immediately.

Most importantly, to me, what sets this facility apart is staff morale. It is evident that the nurses, CNAs and other support staff take their jobs seriously, and really seem to understand and feel the value of their positions. They behave like professionals who are proud of their work, which is not like the staff at other facilities I have had experiences with. Too often, nursing home workers feel undervalued, underappreciated and overworked. Understandably the population of nursing homes is very difficult to work with for a variety of reasons. So many highly qualified care professionals will opt for less demanding positions in doctor’s offices or hospitals before working at a nursing home. This often leaves nursing homes with a less qualified, less motivated pool of workers to select from. Somehow this facility has managed to hire nursing and care staff that parallels the best I have seen in any clinical setting, including critical care. I believe this is largely because they are treated and regarded as valuable professionals by management, and their input is always taken into account.

This facility has given me the gift of enjoying the presence of my mother in my life for at least two more years than I expected. And as it looks now, it will be for many more years to come. That gift is priceless to me. If other people have had negative experiences here, it could be for any one of a number of reasons that had to do with their specific situation or attitudes they brought to the table when working with the facility. I personally feel extremely lucky to know that my mother is not only well taken care of, but that she tells me every day in her own words, how nice it is that she is somewhere where everyone loves her.

Virginia W.


My mother is now deceased as of three months ago (July 2014), but she was in Chatsworth Park Health Care Center twice. Both times she received excellent care from her charge nurses. The Social Services Director with her team was so helpful to me, as was the people in Medical Records, they were all just excellent in customer service. More than anything, I appreciated the skilled therapy teams. They are the most kind and patient workers, always giving their all for the progress of their patients. They were always willing to speak with me, to explain and share necessary information. Chatsworth Park also has a wonderful kitchen staff. Food is mainly made from scratch, so it is truly salt-free and delicious. Rooms were cleaned daily and were always well supplied. My mom was there over the holidays and there was a good spirt with lovely decorations and music. I attended a mandatory meeting with all heads of departments, and they truly strive to keep the family informed. Strangely enough, I was there during a power outage, where even the backup system didn’t work for some reason. It was pitch black and a bit scary (until I used the light from my cell phone), but the charge nurses and CNA’s knew EXACTLY what to do and were quick to run cables to give help to the patients on oxygen. I was very impressed at their response and ability to keep cool and issue good direction while help was on the way. I truly love this place.The only negative I have is that both times my mother stayed there, she lost a piece of clothing, even though they were labeled and even though I was taking all her clothes home to wash. Because of this, I checked the laundry room daily to search for the lost items. The laundry room is well maintained and clean and run very efficiently. Losing an item is just par for the course in a large center, so just don’t take your favorite clothes and do try to do your own laundry. Clothes get lost even when marked.

I must also say this in response to the bad reviews I see along the side of the page as I write this review. I did see unhappy family members visiting their loved ones at Chatsworth Park. I saw them raise their voices at staff and criticize them. They were impatient and demanding. All I can say is that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

K. B.