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Updates as of September 30, 2022

This week we had no residents or staff test positive. We are continuing with our testing protocol that is aligned with LA County Public Health Guidelines.

PLEASE NOTE: For Visitation, please contact the dedicated Activities line by phone or text at 818-321-1061 to schedule virtual, indoor or outdoor visits based on the current LA County guidelines including any applicable testing requirements. REMINDER: Please postpone your visit if you are not feeling well or are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms.  At this time we are requiring COVID testing for indoor visitation per LA County guidelines.

We are also following the latest LA County updated cohorting guidance to include a new recommendation for those residents not “up to date” with COVID-19 vaccines.  New admissions/re-admission residents who are not up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations are placed on yellow zone quarantine for 14 days per LA County and tested prior to moving to the Green Cohort.

Per the CDC and LA County Public Health, the Definition of Up to Date is as follows: “An individual is up to date with COVID-19 vaccines when they are: Fully vaccinated and have received a booster dose; OR Fully vaccinated but not yet eligible for a booster dose.”

Please remember, if you have visited our facility in the last 14 days and learned that you have tested positive or been in close contact with someone positive, please contact our facility immediately and inform us so that we may take the necessary precautions in a swift manner to ensure the safety of our residents and staff. 

We continue to regularly disinfect high-touch areas with EPA-approved disinfectants and utilize universal masking for source control throughout our facility. We maintain an abundant supply of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to help keep your loved ones safe.

We are currently offering and strongly encouraging the BOOSTER vaccines (Moderna, Pfizer, and Janssen (J&J) at the facility. Please contact the Charge Nurse or RN Supervisor on duty for more information or to schedule vaccination.  We also are offering 2nd booster vaccines for those who are eligible per the latest CDC guidelines. Please note we are actively inquiring with the Residents/Responsible Parties for consent for these vaccines.

We care deeply about the health, safety, and well-being of our residents. As healthcare professionals, the staff at Chatsworth Park Health Care Center is committed to providing the highest level of care to protect our residents from the COVID-19 virus. In order to achieve this we ask for your full cooperation with our visiting policies and your understanding that this is an evolving process.

In an effort to support our residents, their family members, and loved ones our staff will continue to help with remote communication and connection. Please watch the video below for more information about our approach to COVID-19 and the actions we are taking to support healthy, safe outcomes.For media inquiries please contact Nicole Francois at 206-799-4414.