A Green Space is a Happy Space

We know being around plants calm and soothe us, but did you know that they may also improve an older person’s mental well-being?

Chatsworth Thanks Social Workers

With March being National Professional Social Work Month, we at Chatsworth Park thank you for making the world a better place.

American Heart Month Awareness

February is a wonderful month full of love, the color red, and American Heart Month!

At Chatsworth Park Health Care Center, we know how important health is! We encourage everyone to raise awareness and to learn more about heart health.

Avoid the Flu This Fall
3 tips for optimal hip surgery recovery

Lloyd discovered hiking in his mid- 50s. For the next 10 years, he enjoyed the daily walks through the cedars behind his house. After a time, Lloyd attributed the initial leg discomfort to simply too much walking, so he shortened his route. But as the pain persisted and increased in severity, Lloyd realized he could no longer enjoy his time outdoors.

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